My name is Johan Ahlström.

I was born in 1982 in Stockholm and I am now located in Halmstad (as well as in Arkösund, Östergötland). 

The recent years I have been working mostly towards the municipality and architectural offices making illustrations and visualizations for projects and events.

During the same period I have worked with making fine art and with doing architectural drawings for private costumers.

In 2015 I joined the Halmstad based artist network Dramalogen which is an important platform for my present work. It is an organization for culture-entrepreneurs and an arena for like-minded to collaborate within and it´s a forum for getting in contact with employers.

If you are interested in my art work and the Dramalogen-network you can get in touch with me at konst@johanahlstrom.com. Maybe you got ideas about collaborations and possible art-projects or want a cost estimation of art works and services or just want to send a regard; feel free to e-mail me.

You can see the art and illustrations here at  johanahlstrom.com and you can find me in the member site of dramalogen.se.

Bild III_

(It´s also possible to get a studio visit and see the artworks live at the showroom in Arkösund; just send a request and we´ll set up a visit date.)



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